About Us

CrossWood Store is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our craft and design team consists of a group of friends from Scotland, Hangzhou and Jingdezhen (The Porcelain Capital of China) who have backgrounds in Mechanical Design, Oriental Painting and Textile Design. Working together under the name CrossWood we design fashion Jewellery & accessories inspired by nature and the different cultures in Far East Asia and Scotland.

Strictly independent, our products are originally designed and handcrafted. As always, we also carefully select several independent international designers and artists' works which are uniquely designed and perfectly made. We offer our very own brand of modern femininity and style which you cannot get on the high street. Our products are not mass-produced so some of them are of limited stock. We release new designs frequently, so don't miss the boat and keep your eyes peeled.

All of our suppliers are like us, battling major corporations and fighting for quality and better days.

CrossWood Store